Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Hiatus

I do want to apologize, readers, for the abruptness with which I have departed the blog. Let it be known, however, that like Arthur of old, I shall return when needed most - most likely late August. While not at school, my access to the interwebs is rather limited, hence my absence. I do hope to recruit someone by next year to help keep things running, however.

That all aside, thank you for sticking around, folks. I looks forward to our reunion.


  1. I'm not sure when you need someone. But I would be glad to help out whenever I can.

  2. My son is six and he is amazing when it comes to him bulding airplanes, ships, cars etc. from Legos... I would like to enter him into a contest. All of his designs are original and honestly amazing.. Just looking for contests to enter... He says he wants to buy and work for Lego when he grows up... Thank you Adriana Ryan
    my e-mail address is

  3. Are there any upcoming contests? I have a huge collection of legos and built a giant set, but as there are no new contests, I don't think I can.

  4. Our nine year old twin grandsons wanted to know
    if there are Lego Contests they could participate in, and your web site came up. is my e mail if you can
    steer us in the right direction. They do Lego's
    for 16 yr. olds (Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Star
    Wars) and have participate in Hope College, Holland MI class creating, (which they won..)