Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Can't Just All Get Along

World at War

Brick of the Somme, a relatively new Flickr group, wants your World War I-based MOCs, both figures and vgenettes/dioramas and is offering BrickArms weapons for you to do so. The entries are few thus far, but you have until April 2 to enter yours.

A Creatively-Named Contest


The Flickr group 2034: United States Defense Force, is throwing a Contest! and you're all invited. Entrants to this particular contest are expected to build a custom minifigure or a vignette depicting the USDF invasion of the Urag world. Prizes include BrickArms weapons and custom figures. Entries are due March 15th.

Please, No Batmobiles

28th Build Challenge...The Animal Kingdom

Lino M., recently featured in AFOL: A Blocumentary, has posted the latest Build Challenge for the Flickr group LUGNuts. Participants are called to build a car, as always, but with a twist: these cars must be animal-inspired or related. This is a challenge, rather than a contest, so there are no prizes, but I'm posting it because I like the uniqueness of the concept. Entries are due by the first of March, so get building, folks!

Friday, February 19, 2010

In the Last-Minute Department

Official BBC Contest #57:The Final Frontier!

If you want to enter this one, folks, you're going to have to work quickly. BZPower is holding their 57th consecutive Bionicle Building Contest and this time around you are tasked with building something straight out of a work of science-fiction. There's an impressive prize on the line, namely a 8989 Mata Nui signed by Michael Dorn, who voiced the character in his latest film. It may sound nigh-impossible, but I have faith in my readers. Arkov managed to do it . . .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Simple, Really

Favorite Soldier, Favorite Weapon

Flickr group The Brickarms Files is hosting a contest with a simple premise: showcase a soldier using a BrickArms weapon in one of a variety of settings. No deadline has been posted, but "surprise BrickArms" are being offered as prizes.
Update: The deadline has been placed at March 31st.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When One Just Isn't Enough

2010 Community Build
In what's sure to be good news for those who love to build Pirates, is hosting their first Community Build and the winner will be receiving booty!

Those who wish to toss their hat in the ring will do so by creating a building that would fit in a Pirate-era town. But, avast, ye must board this particular vessel by the 15th of March!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

But, Wait: There's More!

Blood in the Snow

The Flickr ApocaLego group is hosting the Blood in the Snow contest, challenging its members to create a scene of arctic Armageddon, departing from the oft-used fiery catastrophes. Just make sure your world is destroyed by March 31st.

The Jolly Roger Contest
Put on your fancy hats and sharpen your hooks-for-hands, because The Forbidden Cove wants you to build all manners of piratey things, like ships and forts and monsters and minifigures (and more!). Read the rules and build your bricks, but do it by March 15th.

Enjoy, my readers!

The "We're Back" Round-Up!

The Time Twisters Contest

The Time Twisters Contest, hosted by AlienCat, is running at!
Your task is to take an official LEGO set and transform it into a legitimate Castle creation. Entries have already proved to be creative and humorous, but there's almost two weeks left 'til the February 28th deadline.

BiM 2010: Avant-Garde

Bricks in Motion, the leading online LEGO stop-motion community, hosts an annual filmmaking contest which has produced impressive results. This year the theme is Avant-Garde.

Entrants to BiM's latest challenge are asked to break free from the mold of traditional brickfilming and come up with something new. This theme is rather open-ended and the prizes are impressive, so let your creativity go wild! Just make sure you do so by July 25th.

Also, check out this promotional video, created by the inimitable Leonardo812.

More to come, folks!

. . . And We're Back!

Well, folks, it's been a while. Real life, stuff happened, etc.

The important thing is that I want to bring this blog back. I'll be posting some links in the quite-near future; don't forget to send in your tips!