Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Upcoming LEGO Contests

Well, the May/June LEGO Magazine is out, and there are 3 contests mentioned in it.

1. The Gold C-3P0 Contest
See my last post.

2. LEGO Star Wars Movie-Making Contest
This contest has not yet begun, the Magazine is simply hyping it.

Think you’ve got what it takes to make the next big Star Wars movie? You can show off your cinematic Jedi skills by taking part in our Movie-Making Contest! Create a 3-minute (or less) LEGO Star Wars video and upload it for all to see on our website…or just come and vote for your favorite mini-movie entry!

3. LEGO Exo-Force Building Challenge
According to the article, you are supposed to create the "Ultimate Battle Machine." Entries are due July 1st, 2007


  1. i can't find my copy of the leg magazine. can you post a link to the contest or tell me instructions? thanks.

  2. Do you know when the winners of the Exo Force building contest will be posted? How do you notify winners? - Ruth