Monday, March 5, 2007

Ninja-Knight's Ninja Giveaway

Ninja-Knight, of Classic-Castle Forums, is hosting a Ninja Giveaway. Nothing is required except for a post.
If you are randomly selected, you will win either a Shogun and Samurai or a Robber, all fully armed. The deadline is March 10th.
I'd wish you all "Good luck!" except for the fact that I'm in this too. :P


  1. Just to spread the word, Ninja-Knight is also known as Kotorfan. :-) BTW, if you need any help, I go to quite a few forums...I'd be happy to point out a few contests.

  2. Just email me. There's a link at the top. All tips are welcome!

  3. Well the contest ended.
    The winners being...
    ZIGGY! 6
    smcginnis 28